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Matt Strum.

     Lover of Change.
       Citizen of the World.

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I've seen it all.

Operational Excellence

Continuous deployment.
Failure modes.


Over a decade of tinkering.
@ Google, Amazon, and more.
Massive code bases.
End-to-end ownage.
Development ↘ Business value ↗
Lightning-speed domain expertise

Open Sourced

Most code is locked up :(
but sometimes it escapes :)
Contributions back to the mothership
(as mstrum@arivale.com)
Robinhood Python
Scripts for interactive trading.
Hangeul Assistant
Type and learn Korean.
See everything at Github.


Constant Drive

Lemonade (well, candy) stand? ✔
App sells first year of university? ✔
Moved from enterprise to startup? ✔

First sells

Xtreme Journal System.
Keep your journal, however you want.
Open format, future friendly.
Type. Write. Images. Voice. Video. etc.


Left Amazon to join.
Take control of your health.
Avoid disease.


Moved to Salt Lake City, joined a rocket ship.
Provides the financial fabric for fintech.
Left to start...

FI Me To The Moon

Bootstrapped full-time.
All about where you are on your financial independence (FI) journey.
Currently transitioning to be a side-project.

? ? ?

Looking for something great that I can dedicate years to.

Lover of Change

... of Location

Grew up...
Texas → New York → Texas → Maryland → Texas → Alaska → Florida → Ohio

During university...
Provo → Vancouver, Canada → Provo → Salt Lake City (SLC) → Seoul, South Korea → SLC → Boston → SLC → NYC → SLC

The Ultimate Switch-up...
Brigham Young University → University of Utah

Graduated and lived...
Seattle → SLC

... of Employment

Until University...
Candy stand → Mowing lawns → Air Force Research Laboratories

During university...
Self → BYU Marriott School of Business Web Team → University of Utah Flux Research Group → Raytheon BBN Technologies → Google

Graduated and...
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Silk Browser → Amazon Go (Checkout-less physical store) → Undisclosed AWS project → Arivale → Plaid

... of Interests

Voice → Piano → Violin → Trombone → Guitar → Ukulele

Soccer → Baseball → Tennis → Cross Country

English (duh) → French → Chinese → Korean

... of Technology

TI-Basic → C++ → C# (w/ ASPX, HTML, and CSS) → ColdFusion → ActionScript → C → Verilog → VHDL → Java → Assembly → Python → (plain old) JavaScript → TypeScript

User experiences
Command line → Windows applications → Web pages → Mobile apps → Voice

... of All Kinds

Writer of
Hello Change, My Old Friend
Read my ramblings.

Citizen of the World


Caribbean → India → New Zealand → Italy → Greece → France → England
→ ? ? ?


Holds a special place in my ♥.
Learned 한글(Hangeul) and speak semi-fluently.
Lived in Seoul and traveled the country for a year.
Lover of Korean food, movies, dramas, music, etc.
Co-founded The Korean Wiki Project,
to help others learn Korean.
3K+ users, 2M+ visits
Reach out on LinkedIn | Twitter | mstrum@gmail.com
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